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Should airlines let you know where babies are seated?

After recently reading an article on how Japan Airlines are introducing a tool which will allow you to see where babies are seated on the plane - and therefore allow you to choose your seat away from a baby/toddler under two years of age - am happy to admit after a brief scan of the article I thought 'whats the fuss?'. I personally don't like sitting near families when I travel with my children let alone when I travel without them!  But I got thinking, this could be me and my family. 

Our holidays are relatively independent, we don't do big holiday resorts - they are our ideal of hell for example - we are by nature quite anti-social, so sitting chit-chatting to other families is not for us.  I  understand for many people this is quite an alien concept especially as we are a 2.4 family ourselves!   This made me realise, our children are probably far from perfect as we no doubt annoy many people on a flight too.  Our children don't have tablets, so they have to amuse themselves with the family's pre-flight tradition of magazine buying at the airport, playing a game of Snap or Uno, colouring, completing word-searches etc.  So although our children may not be a crying baby in the 0-2 years age bracket, I am in no doubt they could be just as annoying to some fellow passengers as they call out 'snap' or drop a pencil between the seats.

I mean - for anyone trying to sleep, I can only but imagine how frustrating our children are!! 

So after taking some time to think about this idea of a 'tool to avoid sitting near babies/toddlers' I conclude: the idea is utterly ridiculous!  We all have pet hates, whether it's crying children, passengers who recline seats, passengers who snore, hen/stag parties, or my children playing Uno!  With this in mind I realise we just all have to accept our little pet hates, and have some more tolerance and be a little kinder to one another, because frankly life is too short - and so are the flights we are on in many instances!

What do Seatkickers say?.....


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Written by Alison Doggrell

Alison lives in Cheshire with her husband and two children aged 9 and 6 years. She loves gardening, photography, travel and planning the next family adventure!

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