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Best travel prams: Seatkickers guide

When you've got a little one who still needs a pram to get around, it's so easy to be bamboozled by the many 'travel' prams on the market at the moment.

It will depend on what your priority is, as to what pram you go for. Some fold up really small 'for the hold' and this can mean a quick getaway on a short-haul flight.

My personal experience however, is that I've been able to hand prams in at the gate boarding the plane, or even at the plane itself, so I've never felt the need to take on onboard with me. And therefore I'd go for sturdiness and ease of use of small-folding.

Last year when we went away we actually took our 'big' pram. Our usual Uppababy Vista, which is pretty huge at the best of times. We decided on this as the baby slept really well in it at the time and it has a massive basket underneath which is great for carting stuff to and from the beach.

We didn't find it an issue at all as we found we could throw it into a bag we'd bought from amazon and check it in with the rest of our luggage and not think about it again til the other side (we used the sling to get round the airport) or we could take it right up to the plane - which we opted for when she fell asleep in the airport!

We worried slightly about it getting damaged (it didn't) because it's our main pram, but we'd actually had it since our first child seven years ago so it wasn't TOO precious.

If you are looking to buy a pram specifically for travelling, what should you go for? I've used a McLaren - great / sturdy / doesn't fold small though and the recline was rubbish and a Cybex pocket - folds tiny, but difficult to manoeuvre. So which prams do YOU recommend?

We've been chatting about it over on the facebook group:

and on Instagram, @seatkickers_


We invested in a YoYo and it was worth the money


Out and about V4. Just goes anywhere and everywhere


Second hand Mclaren. Cost £20. Don't care if it gets ruined on hols or on flights. Folds flat for weird timezone naps.


Cosatto whoosh as it has a high uv blocking hood which was a godsend in Florida heat last year


City jogger, sturdy keeps baby/toddler cool, huge hood comes over and the pushchair grows so well with the child it’s bulky but so easy to fold and unlikely to get broken in transit/plane ride


The mountain buggy nano. It's hand luggage size so can go in the cabin. Has a long hood plus you can buy sun shade with the rain cover and it lays flat. Also can pop newborn in as it has fittings to strap car seat on. It was brilliant. About 5kg all in and has a basket


Cossatto Woosh - hand luggage size and comes with rain cover and big hood that acts as sunshade. Smallish basket too. Really lightweight and some lovely patterns

Hannah Gibbons-Arif:

We have a Joie Nitro, and it’s served us pretty well. Goes flat and has a decent hood

(Joi Nitro, YoYo, City Jogger, Mountain buggy nano, Cosatto Whoosh, Out n About)

If you've used a great pram on holiday, or one you think we should avoid, let us know

Amy xx

Amy is Seatkickers' editor, she lives in Manchester with her daughters aged six and seven months, her husband and her rescue dog Lebowski. She loves travelling and discovering new places. Her favourite place in the world is Biarritz in France

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