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Staycation Packing list: Seatkickers guide

Now the world is slowly starting to creak open, you may well be planning to head off for a staycation in the UK. Packing can be overwhelming when you've got little kids, and risks filling the car with everything but the kitchen sink.

So what's essential and what can you leave behind?

For the journey you want snacks, entertainment, comfort and toilet breaks to be covered. If you have them take a portable DVD player or ipad, you may not be 'that parent' who likes electronics, but if it stops 'are we nearly there yet' x 1,000 it's worth it for the journey. Oh and headphones, pack those too.... Sticker books are also great, my daughter loves this re useable kind:

Take ALL of the snacks, have drinks at hand too, and make sure anything you might need like nappies are close by. And a potty if ANY OF YOU might need one in a jam LOL.

Packing cubes are great for dividing stuff up and having a 'hand luggage' for your car. You can use them through the rest of the holiday too, they're particularly useful for beach packing

Don't forget the basics for at your accommodation. If you don't know what's provided consider plastic plates, bowls and cutlery for the kids. Toilet roll, a bit of washing up liquid and dish washer tablets will never go amiss either.

If you like your home comforts take pillows (lots of you suggested that) and for me, with a child allergic to biological washing powder I always have to take sheets too.

Binbags, cooking oil and condiments are things you'll miss if they aren't provided and it's annoying buying full bottles to leave them behind so consider what you love having at home and would miss while away and chuck it in. Think about what you'll eat for breakfast on the first day before you make it to a supermarket and take it with you, don't forget the kid's favourites! And maybe book a supermarket shop to arrive at your accommodation so you don't have to go shopping on holiday.

With clothes it's best to cover all bases, we all know the British weather can move from full on rain to baking sun in the blink of an eye so think about layers and practicality.

We've been chatting about this over on the facebook community group, do come join in:

Here's some of your top suggestions:


We always have two pool noodles in the car! Great for swimming but also for a toddler in a single normal size (high) bed..... put them down the side of the bed under the fitted sheet for an instant safety rail! Worked a treat whilst we were last away x


Don't overpack!

Wetsuits and swim shoes are a must - these are great and cheap

Get shopping delivered to your house



Beach poncho towels

Travel Potty

picnic blanket


Child's comfort blanket - as long as we have those we can buy anything else we forget


Talc - it helps get the sand off!

In car DVD player


Crotech wagon to move tired little people



Seagrass beach mats


picnic stuff - tupperware, Thermos


My own pillow

Packing cubes


Rain coats

Ikea bags


Good cooking knives

Bottle opener

Own pillows

If you have any other suggestions do get in touch

Amy xx

Amy is Seatkickers' editor, she lives in Manchester with her daughters aged six and seven months, her husband and her rescue dog Lebowski. She loves travelling and discovering new places. Her favourite place in the world is Biarritz in France

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