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The lockdown adventures of Skye, aged two

I know a lot of us are struggling with all the missed trips and cancelled holidays, as well as just the fact that life for us and our kids is harder with everything so restricted. But I know we're all doing our best to make sure they're happy and, most of the time, they are. I've written this piece from the perspective of my toddler, based on all the conversations we've been having, all about how life is still a great big adventure even though our world is currently very small. I thought it might offer everyone a bit of light relief at this very strange time.


My name is Skye and I am 2 and a half. I like going on holiday with Mummy and Daddy and Max and swimming every day and playing in the sand and having adventures. Mummy says we can't at the moment because we're being stay at home superheroes instead to stop people getting poorly. It makes me sad that we can't go to a holiday home but I think being a superhero is cool too. And we've been having lots of adventures at home to make up for it. Did you know that I am very good at picking up stones and everywhere we go we find lots of stones and rocks to look at? I've been collecting some and sometimes we get to paint them too which is fun. I painted a smiley face on one for Daddy's work desk upstairs. Some of the stones we've found are round just like the ones at the beach we went to once. That means they can roll and I like seeing which ones roll the fastest. We go for a walk to the big park every day and I get to practise my gymnastics because there are lots of walls to balance and walk along and I do really big jumps when I get to the end. It's a bit like jumping in the swimming pool except you don't get wet. We also have to hide from the cars which isn't that hard because we don't see that many. There are lots of letters and numbers to find on the way too so I get to practice the ones I know.

When we get to the park and it's always time for a snack, which is one of my my favourite things. Because we're at home a lot we get to make things for snack time. This week we made biscuits and next week Mummy says we can make frozen yoghurt. It's really hard not to eat it all straight from the bowl before it's actually ready!

The park has lots of trees and flowers which means there are lots of creepy crawlies that live there. I'm getting good at looking for spiders webs and snails. I like spiders webs but I don't really like spiders because they're like the one from Paw Patrol which is a bit scary. It took us AGES to see a butterfly but now it's sunny we have seen lots. My favourite ones are green.

Sometimes we walk a bit further to the golf course and then there's lots of space to run and lots of hills that make you go really fast. It makes me laugh to run down the hills. We also found a sandpit the other day and took our shoes and socks off to play. I like having sandy toes. The best thing about being stay at home superheroes is that Mummy and Daddy and Max are here too. That's just like on holiday when we all get to be together and play lots. And it means I get to lots and lots of cuddles.

Written by Skye

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