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When are we going to get a holiday?

OK, so the world is starting to creak open again, and finally we can go sit outside a bar and freeze off our nethers to have a well-earned drink with mates.

If you live in England, Wales or Scotland you're now able to travel freely within your own country.

AIn England we can now travel to self-contained accommodation for a holiday with our bubbles (both kinds) Although whether you can actually get a booking anywhere is another story!

In Wales it's similar but B&Bs can also open if they have en-suits and provide room service, which sounds good to me.

The next time restrictions are due to change is May 17th, there should be an announcement from the PM a week before - around May 10th, and we HOPE that's the day we're told that hotels and B&Bs will be able to reopen, and we should then be able to go on holiday with people from one other household, or in groups of six people. (in England) so keep your fingers crossed!

What about going abroad though?

At the moment it is still Illegal to travel abroad from the UK for holidays. If you need to travel, you must fill out a form to declare good reason, and if you travel without one, you face a fine of up to £5k.

It's not looking like restrictions will majorly change until the next stage of the road map, which is June 21st, and if the stories are to be believed, a lot of people are now moving bookings to September and October in the hopes we'll be able to travel then. We should also know more about the situations abroad, banned countries and vaccine passports.

(full government info here )

If you do have a foreign holiday booked and need help with insurance etc, this article should help

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Written by Amy Clowes

Amy is Seatkickers' editor, she lives in Manchester with her daughters aged seven and two, her husband and her rescue dog Lebowski. She loves travelling and discovering new places. Her favourite place in the world is Biarritz in France.

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