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Cala en Porter, Menorca

We travelled as a family of four (us 44 and 40 and our sons - seven and three) to Cala en Porter, Menorca in June 2022.

We love Menorca as it’s so family friendly and have been for the last few years, apart from covid, to different parts of the island.

This time we stayed in a stunning self catering villa. The villa had its own garden and a pool, a terrace area and BBQ. It was really well equipped with literally everything including pool toys and video games and DVDs. To make it work for our family we ate breakfast and lunch every day at the villa and our evening meals at restaurants.

'd recommend Samoa restaurant, Restaurante El Pulpo and Don Gelato - the Italian owner makes the best pizza and gelato!!! All in Cala en Porter.

We hired a car before we left with a company called Menorcan car hire. We collected it at the airport and it was hassle free. They supplied the car seats too. Dropped it off at the airport on the way back so didn't have to worry about booking transfers either.

We drove to Cal Galdana as the beach is gorgeous there - I'd recommend a visit. And we went to La Mola which is a fort and the kids loved exploring it.

Your kids will also think Menorca Zoo is worth going to - ours loved it. There's also a water park next to the zoo that looks worth checking out but we’ve never been. Cuitadella and Mahon are also fab for shopping.

The kids loved this holiday, especially the pool at the villa and they would have stayed there all day if possible. The zoo was their favourite and the beach at Cala Galdana.

I'd definitely go back and I'd recommend Menorca as it's so family friendly and it’s a beautiful island.

We booked separate flights with Tui and it was horrid getting there as we had them cancelled twice and flew from Birmingham in the end and changed at Barcelona then o to Menorca. We live in Stockport. So that could have been better but it was our only option at the time.

For us, the best thing about the holiday was being able to go at our own speed and just have a pool day if we wanted too. It was very relaxed and we had no expectations as we didn’t know how long the kids would last for in the evening or how they would sleep. Turned out they don’t like late nights and as it was all new to them we each ended up sharing a room with the kids, at opposite ends of the villa!

I’d recommend Menorca whole heartedly to families as everyone makes you feel so welcome and the Menorcans are so accommodating with children. which makes life easy. The scenery is stunning too and with it being a small island it’s very easy to drive around and visit lots of places yourself


Rachel Greenegal - mum of two boys

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