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Coronavirus travel: All you need to know

Under the national restrictions, until December 2nd, you need a pretty good reason to be travelling out of the UK. To justify travelling out of England during lockdown, it must be for work, education or a small set of permitted reasons (like moving house....the list is here.

Rules for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland differ and can be found here:

And it really does look like trying to leave the UK with out good reason is being taken very seriously

If you DO choose to travel abroad, you MUST be familiar with the rules of the country you are entering, you can sign up for those here:

AND you MUST be aware of the rules for re entering England, to be found here:

We're doing our very best here at Seatkickers to keep you totally up-to-date, but in any case of last-minute confusion do check the government's official advice via the FCDO right here:

Please do come and join us in our community on facebook for a good chat about all things travel

Amy x

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