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Why a family holiday is so important

When all of this covid stuff kicked off last March, we could all be forigiven for thinking it really wouldn't last that long. As I packed up my desk, I waved my colleagues goodbye, assuming we'd all be back in the office together in a couple of weeks.

Never in a million years did I ever think we'd still be in lockdown a year later.

There's a heck of a lot of things we're all missing: School, baby groups, seeing family, meeting friends, being in the office, soft play centres, the pub, a restaurant dinner...and of course...holidays.

We were lucky that last year we'd just had a trip to Center Parcs when this happened, and that in July when the rules were briefly relaxed, we nipped to Cornwall for a week. But I'm really missing a 'proper' family holiday. One where my meals are cooked for me, and I don't have to entertain the kids every second. Where I feel the sun on my skin and stare out into the sea feeling like nothing else matters but us being together.

And I know you get it too. I asked on our facebook group and on our Instagram why you're missing holidays and why a holiday with the family is so important to you:


Total relaxation. Nothing to worry about. As soon as we leave the country we all just decompress.

Even if we are on a sightseeing sort of holiday, as soon as we get on a plane we are relaxed.


A pause and reset. A chance to take a step away from a normally full on routine and reconnect.


A change of scenery, a chance to relax and enjoy my children. Watching them play in the pool, dance like no one watching, gorgeous food and cocktails, ice cream on tap, beautiful clothes instead of leggings and jumpers. A chance to see the world, watch them learning about how honeys made on a jeep safari in the Portuguese hills, jet skiing in crystal clear waters in Turkey the whole smells of New countries. Cant wait to get on a plane to anywhere


A chance to enjoy the kids without having to think about cooking tea/washing school uniform/clearing up the general debris!


What do you think, have we hit the nail on the head? What are you missing about family holidays?

Get in touch with us on our facebook group, Instagram @Seatkickers_ or email me

And let's keep our fingers crossed it all happens again soon!

Amy xx

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