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Aeroplane kindness bags - a good idea or not?

I'd not even heard of these til recently, and was a bit taken aback when I read about them. Apparently they are a thing, people give them out to other passengers around them as a way of pre-apologising for any noise their kids MIGHT make on the plane.

The lady I read about was planning on making them up with gum, sweets, an eye mask and ear plugs and a 'thanks for your patience' note. 

Ok, sweet thought, but really is there any point? Here's the deal, when your baby cries on a plane, it's not just the people immediately around you that hear it.

Let's face it, screeching babies can be heard all the way to your destination, so unless you're planning on making up 300 of these bad boys, your apology isn't stretching that far. 

On the flip side, you could argue that the people further away are A) less likely to see exactly where the crying is coming from, or B) less likely to come marching over to complain. Also, over the dulcet tones of your little one losing their shit (perhaps literally) you're less likely to hear their angry mutterings. So maybe there is something to be said for keeping the passengers closest to you sweet. Maybe it's not because you really give a shit about their comfort per se (while you're doing your absolute damnedest to stop the baby crying while hiding your face with the shame, you may have stopped caring about life altogether) but maybe it's just because on top of the ear-piercing cries and the arm-aching bouncing, the last thing any parent needs is the judgement of others. So, with this in mind, maybe a guilt-tripping kindness bag, pre-empts any complaints and stops them in their tracks. 

But here's the rub. You've paid for your seat, like you would on a bus or a train, and I know for sure I wouldn't be apologising for my child crying on those methods of transport.

I've flown on 22 flights with my daughter and on only one was she a nightmare. And believe me, no kindness bag would have melted the stone-cold heart of the woman opposite us and her much-practised tut. 

So what do other Seatkickers say?:

To summarise, yes, if you want to feel in control and mitigate the complaints, go for it. But essentially, we reckon there's no need. Just prepare for the flight - you'll find our top tips here.

And if it all goes wrong, remember other parents will help you!

Written by Amy Clowes

Amy is Seatkickers' editor, she lives in Manchester with her daughters aged six and seven months. She loves interiors, jogging, cooking and travelling. Her favourite places include Miami, Biarritz and Cornwall.

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