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How to keep the kids busy in lockdown

Hi I'm Jodie, a 40-something mum-of-one - Darcy - she is three and really not getting the whole lockdown thing!

To try and take her mind off why we cant go and see Nannie we have come up with some different things to do. 

Lets face it I would never normally build a new world in the middle of the garden or the living room.  Yet here we are, a blanket is the sea, a piece of wood is now a plank for the pirates to walk.  A pile of cushions are rocks for the mermaids to sit on before diving back into their waters for a swim.  We have taken pieces of "let's go on a bear hunt" and there is now a sticky bog in the garden too!

The climbing frame has been turned into a den, where Darcy takes her torch and a book, some snacks and occasionally the dog is allowed in too!  Thank goodness I love soft furnishing.

One of Darcy's favourite books is Aliens love underpants, so guess who's been running round with knickers on her head! Yep, me!

We have painted rainbows, and made bunnies from her hand prints.  The Easter bonnet is now complete and sat on the kitchen table, Darcy is currently refusing to wear it.  Maybe she will later when daddy threatens to put it on.  We are sending various crafting bits to family and godparents. Who doesn't love it when the postman comes delivering more than just bills, especially now.

Bags of rice in socks are a great way of having beanbags.   Ours have been used in the garden with some chalk.  Getting Darcy to practice her colours and numbers whilst having fun and doing something that is more in line with the PE I remember (hand and eye coordination) than Joe Wicks who nearly killed me off last week.  Our beanbags numbers are also being used to learn hopscotch.

If you have some empty plastic bottles, cut the bottom off and put a sock over it. Take it into the garden with a bowl with some water and washing up liquid in.  Get the kids to blow into the bottles after they have been dipped into the bubbly water and watch their faces as snakes of bubbles come out of the bottom.

Blow up balloons and have balloon fights, giggle as everyone's hair stands on end.

Have fun, normal is coming....... just not today!


Jodie is mum to three-year-old Darcy, she lives in Manchester, loves to run, cook and travel


If you hold your own home camp, DO share it with us on social and use the hashtag #campseatkickers we'd love to see your pictures. And come and join our lovely facebook community where we're all supporting each other through this crazy time, just click HERE

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