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YES, you should take your baby on a plane!

Recently, on our lovely facebook community

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We were asked by Hannah for some advice about flying with her nine-month-old baby.

She was a bit apprehensive about travelling with him. Understandably. I find a heck of a lot of questions on our site are about flying with babies and the nervousness that surrounds it.

I used to be scared of flying myself, and the thought of dealing with a baby crying on a plane sent shudders down my spine. But actually, the reality has been quite different. *Touch wood* we've never had a bad flight so far and I credit that with taking our daughter on plenty of flights, being prepared, making it exciting, and realising that what will be will be and if she has a strop, people round us just have to deal with it and so far most people have been incredibly kind and helpful.

In fact last year, when we took our six-moth-old baby, she slept through the airport, up to the plane and through the flight. I saw the group of lads seated in front of us look annoyed when I boared and sat behind them. At the end of the flight they turned round and praised my five-year-old for being so good (won't lie - she had the ipad the whole flight) and commented on the baby being so quiet!

So pretty much, what I'm saying is don't let baby stop travel. They will surprise you, and if you're prepared, it really isn't hard to travel with kids.

On our website we have several BRILLIANT articles full or great advice, here's the links...

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And here's what our amazing community had to say when Hannah asked for help:

Hey everyone,

I was hoping to get some advice about travelling with a 9 month old...

My husband and I were supposed to have a pre baby holiday to Naoussa in Greece for my 30th in May but due to Covid 19 we had to cancel. We’re hoping we can go next May instead (Covid/lockdown depending!) but we will have a 9 month old baby with us. The journey includes a flight and taxi then a 3hr ferry and taxi the following day to get to Naoussa. Is the journey a disaster mix with our little boy or worth the risk?


*EDIT: our little boy is breastfed so I’ll probably still be feeding at that point. I’m hoping this doesn’t make travelling even more difficult!


It’s ambitious for sure, but there’s a lot to recommend travelling with a small baby rather than one that’s walking. You can sling/papoose the babe for the ferry journey!

You’ll have your partner with you to swap between you if/when the wriggly baby gets too much. They’ll sleep, too.

I’d be less enthusiastic doing this kind of trip the more mobile the baby gets!


Personally I think it's a pretty good age to travel with a baby. They are not proper newborn and can sit up in a high chair and chew on a breadstick or whatever but they are not mobile and still actually nap a reasonable amount. I havent done a journey like that but we did fly, drive and take ferrys with 9/10 month olds and it was actually very straightforward. I found it harder once they were toddling as you spend your life walking up and down the plane and I bet that's not even really allowed now. My sister ended up on her honeymoon in Greece with a 6/7 month old and they stayed in 2 places which I think involved a ferry and had a great time! I'd go for it x


We flew to Australia (via Singapore for a few nights )with our 1 year old. Breastfeeding really helped as she spent most of the flights asleep, plus helps with ears popping on take off and landing. As others say, at this age they are much less mobile and much more able to fit around what you want to do. Have fun!


Lots of advice above that I agree whole heartedly with. 9 months is definitely an easier age than when they are toddling and that flight time isn’t too bad either. I would say don’t panic too much, I’m sure in the places you are going to you can get most things there - nappy shopping abroad can be an adventure ! I definitely recommend a sling for the flight/airport and ferry. My main 2 considerations when I’ve travelled with a baby have been which pram to take and what am I going to do about a car seat. Unless you have other medical things to consider ie if you had specialist medication and formula to find then I think those are the priorities too.

Pram wise- you’ll need to think what you’re doing when you’re there ie. what terrain do you need it to handle. If just trotting around town and things then maybe one of those small lightweight travel ones (yo yo or silver cross jet) might be fine. Alternatively you might need something a bit more robust if you’re doing more. Look for a big hood/ sunshade you can nap baby on the go if you want. Avoid buying one brand new if you are throwing it in holds and in containers in ferrys. Definitely consider a buggy bag to protect it.

I would consider taking a car seat. Check local laws about what your allowed ie. if a baby in a taxi a sling is often what the law says but are you comfortable with that ? The position might be different also if you are hiring your own car. At that age they still fit in an infant carrier so look into lightweight ones (we used a ‘be safe’ when travelling) and bought a rucksack for it to go in. This protects the seat but also gives you space to stuff lots of things in. Most places provide cots but if you thought you might be staying in places that don’t then I definitely recommend looking at the pop up ones.


Absolutely worth doing! I’ve done long and short haul with mine on the boob and on bottles.

As long as you are prepared with everything you might need (things to entertain/distract them/boob/snacks/bottles at the ready) you’ll be fine and won’t regret it. I once ran out of milk for my daughters bottle on a flight back from Dubai and that was pretty hairy - hence why I always say be mega prepared.

But we have done it loads and will defo do it again. Can’t beat a family adventure! xx


You’ll be fine, we took our 8 month old to Sicily and had a great time. They’re at the age when they start finding things interesting, but not too much of a handful and (hopefully) not yet walking.

Pouch food is probably the way to go even if you don’t use them at home- makes life a lot easier!

Have fun- holidays have been some of the best times we’ve had as a fam


Best holidays I've had were when they were that small. A sling is essential.


I took my 12 month old to India by myself and it was absolutely fine. Lots of planning and prep, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. People were really kind and helpful. Travel involved an 8hr flight (overnight) followed by a 2hr connection flight. plus a 6hr car journey the other end when we arrived. It was hard and tiring for me but little one loved it! X


In my experience, flying with a baby is easier than flying with a toddler. I was still breastfeeding my 10 month old at the time and fed him on the plane, which helped, but be aware that breastfeeding on the takeoff and landing is not possible as they have to wear the official restraint, so I gave mine a bottle of water to drink on the way up/down to help with popping ears.

We had a really good holiday.


Try sit on an aisle seat if you can when flying, when mine were babies it kept them entertained to watch people going up and down

I really hope these tips help you to be brave and take your little ones away. Please do let me know

If you have any other tips please get in touch. And come join up for a chat over on the facebook group

and on our Instagram @Seatkickers_

Thanks so much, happy travels

Amy xx

Written by Amy Clowes

Amy is Seatkickers' editor, she lives in Manchester with her daughters aged seven and one, her husband and her rescue dog Lebowski. She loves travelling and discovering new places. Her favourite place in the world is Biarritz in France.

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