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The reality of packing for a break with a baby

The reality of packing for a baby and five year old to go caravanning:

I wasn’t looking forward to getting everything together for our mini break to Porthmadog. Anyone with a baby will tell you that you take half the house with you so I knew it was going to be a mammoth task.

So here’s my quick guide on how to cram everything in without losing your mind:

DO get someone to take the kids off your hands for a minimum of two hours. Once you’re in the zone you don’t want to be asked for a drink, food or any other interruptions.

DO pack in sections. Go for food first so you know what you still have to buy. Then things to entertain the kids (make sure everything is charged and chargers are packed) and finally concentrate on outfits per person. I started with our baby boy and worked my way up. Everyone has a spare change of clothes and spare underwear! Finally all the toiletries and towels etc if you need them.

DON'T leave anything until the morning you go, so that all you’ve got to worry about is getting up and out.

DO make packed lunches to save you a fortune at services and also so the kids have got something in their gob and therefore can't constantly ask 'are we nearly there yet?'!!

DO pack things that make your life easier - my smug pack item is my Tomee Tippee prep machine. So much easier than making up bottles. Microwave steriliser bags are a godsend and so much easier than carting a bulky one with you.

My over optimistic pack was my flip flops when there was no sun forecast (well, a girl's got to dream!)

It was like a game of awkward Jenga getting everything in the boot, but we did it!!

Written by Janine Marsh

Janine lives in the North West with her husband and two boys. She presents the breakfast show on Rock Fm

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