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Top things to do with kids in Cornwall

By Lorna Sharkey ( @cornwall_at_its_best )

I can't deny, we feel incredible lucky to be living here in Cornwall. Everything about this place is magical and to be surrounded by such natural beauty makes life that little bit more enjoyable. Having three children has meant that we've visited practically every single child-friendly place possible here, some we have returned to, others not.

So, my youngest daughter (who's nearly four) and I, have come up with a list of favourite places to visit here in Cornwall for those with little ones. I thought it was vital to ask for her opinion lol!

Here's our list of the places we think you should visit:

(all of these links are clickable, but please bear in mind some of these attractions may currently be closed because of Covid-19)

Marazion beach - this has a brilliant play area right beside the beach and a cafe that sells amazing ice cream

Let us know if you've been to any of those places and what you thought of them, over on our facebook group:

Written by

Lorna Sharkey, Lorna runs the beautiful Instagram feed @cornwall_at_its_best check it out for more stunning pictures and inspiration for your next trip to Cornwall.

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