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Lockdown activity: Make a wish jar

It started as a random idea. But it’s been one of the good ones. Joe Wicks lasted two strained weeks and the ‘timetable’ just says ‘Wing it!’ now. We are always chatting as a family. Well the one-year-old just babbles and looks between us trying to cheer and smile at every opportunity but me, the hubby and the four-year-old are enjoying our three mealtimes a day chats together. As part of these chats we sometimes hit on an idea of something that we are interested in or would like to do. My hoarding has helped. I pulled out an empty coffee jar and a pile of coloured card. I’ve chopped up the card and it sits of the kitchen peninsula worktop. The first idea came while checking out the Chester Zoo Facebook live footage. My eldest would like to see lions. He wrote it down and popped it in the jar.

The next was a play date with his besties from nursery. Another was to see a shark and barracuda.

Others are simpler like a fairy lights picnic on the cricket pitch behind our house and a trip to our local National Trust property Lyme Park. Others are further afield. We had a pineapple delivered as part of a veg box during our 14 days isolation. It had come from Costa Rica. I said ‘Let’s go one day!’ My hubby thought I was bonkers. But then we watched Race Across the World and heard them say that 5% of the world’s biodiversity is in Costa Rica. It’s in the jar! He doesn’t think I’m so bonkers now! We met, exchanged names with and chatted to some older neighbours down our road. They have animal statues in their window. We were admiring them and ‘collecting the animals’ on our animal scavenger hunt. They have a statue of a grizzly bear catching a fish. My eldest asked: ‘can I see bears in Canada too?’ Yes! Yes we can! Who knows what else will go in the jar?! Who know when some of the ideas will be achievable?! Financially or practically. But let’s all keep exploring and let’s all keep dreaming. I think this idea will stick and for longer than lockdown. Love and strength 💜



Come join our facebook community group where you can share pictures and inspiration for your wish jar:

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