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Your 10 step guide to holidaying at home

As we're no longer allowed to travel, and have had our Easter holiday cancelled (for more on where you stand if this has happened to you, click HERE.

we decided to bring our holiday home and camp in our garden. Why don't you give it a go? Here's our simple 10 step guide to make it easy and fun the Seatkickers way:

So there you have it! Our 10 step guide to having a lovely holiday in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, if you don't want to order a tent, you could turn your garden shed into a glamping pod, or, make it super simple by building a den in your living room.

The things you DO need if you are going to camp in your garden though are, basic camping equipment.

We bought a cute Eurohike teepee tent from Blacks online

It's this one to be precise:

With all their discounts we paid about £75. You can get cheaper ones if you just want it for garden camping, or if you plan to camp 'properly' later, you might want to invest in something bigger.

Being honest - this tent is great. It fits in our fairly small garden, It's bigger inside than I expected, with more than enough room for a big double camp bed, a couple of chairs, a table, a dog bed, my kid's suitcase and all the other stuff she insisted on bringing. It was REALLY quick and easy to put up, and it was super cosy inside and felt robust enough to protect against the elements (though this hasn't been tested with us in it yet - it has survived a week in the garden in wind rain and shine)

I also LOVE the fact it's a cute teepee, which has doubled up as a play house for the girls for the past week. They absolutely love it and it has apparently been a play house, a tent, a hotel, a dog restaurant and a baby nursery....let their imaginations run wild

You'll also need something to sleep on. We had a great double mattress, but you could easily use a futton mattress, a single mattress of a kids bed, or just build a nest of blankets if you're not actually sleeping over.

We also furnished with a couple of chairs and a little table we already had.

For the proper camping experience, add torches, flasks and a sleeping bag.

The absolute BONUS of this situation is not needing to pack. If you've ever PROPERLY camped with kids, you'll know the amount of stuff you need to pack is insane. For this trip you'll need warm clothes, snacks and drinks and the obligatory walkie talkies to ask base camp (ie dad in the living room) for more hula hoops

You can also obviously come in from the cold when you want. (or when you need a wee - and no having to use portaloos, ACE!)

(when we're able to travel again, if you do want to use your tent for real camping, CLICK HERE for our amazing guide to the do's and don'ts of camping)

Most importantly, and being a little more serious, this allows you to #STAYATHOME save lives, and support the NHS. These are odd times we are living in, but you know what? When you look back in years to come and ask the kids - what was the beginning of 2020 like? They won't remember the homeschooling you bust your balls for, they won't remember all the worthy stuff you attempted, they'll remember the TIME you spent with them, they'll remember 'that year we didn't go to school but hung out at home with mum and dad' and they'll remember the camping in the garden.

Noises are super nostalgic for me - and whenever I'm in a tent, wherever it maybe, that sound of the tent flaps whipping in the breeze, or the pitter patter of rain on the roof, instantly reminds me of childhood memories. Give your kids that, while all this craziness is going on around them. Bring the holiday home!

And when you do, please do tag us in your pics, we'd love to see them, let's create our own virtual campsite #campseatkickers

Here's @Livwalker and @Beccariley holding their own #campseatkickers home camps

Written by Amy Clowes

Amy is the editor of Seatkickers, she lives in Manchester with her husband, dog and two girls aged 1 and 6. She loved all things travel


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